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Purchasing Cycads

The nursery provides a prospective buyer with various options when purchasing plants:

  • Make and appointment to visit the nursery by calling us  at: + (27) 081 035 9791
  • Send an e-mail:
  • An appointment can be arranged to view cycads on the premises.
  • Photographs accompanied with detailed information can be provided on request via e-mail for plants that is not kept on the premises.
  • Products and accessories are available at the nursery.  In the event of large orders, arrangements can be made for delivery.
  • Trading hours:
    Open by appointment only: (+27) 081 035 9791

Selling Your Cycads

The nursery provides options for cycad owners wishing to sell their plants:

  • The nursery can buy the plants.
  • The nursery can sell the plants on the owner’s behalf.
  • The nursery can assist the seller with the process of obtaining the applicable permits.


+27 81 035 9791

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We are a Nursery that specializes in the propagation, cultivation and selling of South African Cycads.

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