Landscaping & Garden maintenance

  • Exclusive cycads can also put you in contact with the landscaping experts that can assist you with garden layouts and landscaping your new or existing garden.
  • Advice on trees and plants that you can enjoy in combination with your cycads.
  • Building and creating special features for your garden: eg. rock features, vertical gardens etc.

General garden care:
  • Treatment for pests (Insects, Aphids, fungi, etc.)
  • Treating struggling plants
  • Fertilizing program
  • Growth stimulants

Permit Application

Permits are needed for:
  • Possession of Cycads
  • Selling of Cycads
  • Transport of Cycads
How we can assist:
  • We can explain the process of the permit application to you and you can the do the application yourself.
  • We can also assist you with your application with the applicable authorities
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Cycad identification

To identify cycads in your garden that you are not sure about the species, we can also assist you.
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Help with the selling of your Cycads.

We can assist you with the process of:
  • Identifying
  • Measuring
  • Apply for your selling permit
  • Pricing your plants
  • Buying your plants /
  • Selling your plants on your behalf


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We are a Nursery that specializes in the propagation, cultivation and selling of South African Cycads.

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